It’s time to stop the brand chaos

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Kevin Adema | Author: Here Be Dragons

Because of digital, brands are now forced to transform and operate in a new business paradigm.

  • It’s time to stop the brand chaos, properly diagnose why and what has actually gone wrong and ultimately, provide an action-based roadmap to bring corporations and customers back into profitable and loyal relationships in today’s digital-first world. 
  • Unless brands seriously overhaul established marketing normatives and practices – and begin to understand the sociological drivers of human-centric actions – they will not convert and deliver real consumer-brand engagement in a digital-first world. 
  • The onslaught against marketing was rife with justifiable critiques yet, the silver lining remains: there is an unprecedented need for true customer-centric and customer-serving marketing innovation that challenges the status quo and solves real problems in a value-add way. 
  • For marketing, this is a paramount responsibility: As social normatives shift into an ever-more-digital manner and, as people seek meaningful connection in a digital-first world, brand engagement, marketing normatives and human-insight action sets must likewise shift to truly satisfy and engage with the new digital-first consumer.
Kevin Adema

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There’s no future in doing what everyone else is doing (but spending less money doing it). There’s definitely a future in doing something no one else can do: We are not applying digital into existing marketing practice but rather, we are fundamentally changing the entire practice of marketing. 

The Quadring Engagement Matrix (QEM) is four equally important elements of customer profiling, strategy, content and analytics fused together to ensure relevancy, consistency and value for today’s digital-first customer audiences. 

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On ancient maps, unknown spaces – those yet to be charted – were indicated by the symbol of a dragon. It was a clear warning:

Be afraid, for beyond this point, we have no clear understanding.

Because of digital, deep-seated, transformational changes occurred in the behaviors and expectations of societies, cultures and individuals. Marketing failed to navigate the impact this had on the brand-customer relationship causing radical erosion in brand value, engagement, loyalty, and trust.

Here Be Dragons insightfully unpacks and equips brands for the mandatory journey they must now take using the Quadring Engagement Matrix – a roadmap traveling from understanding why the failures happened to a place of powerful marketing leadership and consumer-centric, loyal engagement in today’s digital-first world.